Self-love 10 affirmation templates with content


This self love affirmations template is a custom designed ppt template to help you get back on your feet after being emotionally or physically hurt. It can also help you if you are feeling lost, even though you are surrounded by great people, or just by yourself. This self love affirmations template has 10 affirmations to get you started on the path of self love.


8A beautiful template to guide you through self love affirmations. This is an ideal 10 page template to write down your affirmations or goals for your self-love journey.

This printable template provides a unique way for you to look at yourself in a different light. It’s filled with self love affirmations that are easily noted. When you open up the document you’ll see 10 hand drawn doodles depicting the feeling of self love. Each doodle has space for you to write in your mantra or affirmation of choice onto it. You can pick and choose which you draw on, or all at once! Once completed, it’s great to hang up somewhere where you will see it daily, like your bathroom mirror or computer screen, your fridge, or your notebook.


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