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What Inspired Us: How Our Company Started

INSPIRED WITH HUSSAIN is an affiliate marketing and advertising company. Which provides services for online selling fashion brands, and also promotes different kinds of business. Especially We promote Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to take their businesses at peak.

What Inspired Us:

Our startup started with business marketing about fashion brands during the pandemics. We promote fashion brands simply without the typical fraud or hassle. A few months later, we will launch affiliate e-commerce shopping store. We will build that will never been done before in the fashion world. We join affiliate programs of fashion brands and promote their products in our store.

Our Vision:

Through INSPIRED WITH HUSSAIN, we want to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed in today’s market. We will help new businesses through marketing their products on our online store and help them with creating an exceptional customer experience. We want to create a solution that helps connect with their target audiences and expand their customer base. We have a goal of building a dynamic platform that would be beneficial to the small and medium-sized businesses that were out there. We will give them a very easy way to advertise, receive orders, and get customer feedback. With a variety of other products, we build an online store that is easy to use, self-service, and has in-depth features.

The Idea

In the summer of 2021, I was researching fashion brands. I found interesting and important things about fashion, product innovation, and the challenges that UK and USA fashion brands face. My research turned into an idea that was then converted into a business plan in the form of a business model, which we then pitch to a team of mentors. We eventually became mentors for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their businesses. What makes us different from any company? Our team keeps getting better every day.

Our Company

Agency Inspired With HUSSAIN is a first-class marketing agency that gives amazing services to business marketing. We have worked with more than 20 different fashion brands, and we are proud to say that they all are happy. Our affiliated fashion brands (especially amazon) are giving you their best quality, creative designs for you; clothing or accessories… If you want the most stylish clothes at extremely low prices… (We don’t mean just cheap stuff :)) then this service will suit you very well! You’ll find incredible results when choosing from our collection of over 400 high-quality fabrics available in three sizes: small/medium/large so that you can try them on before deciding which fits perfectly. Our selection includes tops, jeans – short-length shorts – long-sleeved shirts – swimwear, slacks, etc. Do not miss out!! Have fun wearing it!


We enjoy working with fashion brands and creating a company together. We feel lucky to have one another in the same company. We also love to come up with fun ideas and we look forward to doing it again.

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